Sunday, 17 June 2012

What is it?

That's about all of it so far...I mean I am going in for my operation tomorrow and hopefully, that's the last step I'm going to have to take for the moment. At 17 you're not supposed to get ill, I mean not properly and I know I'm not the only one as there are thousands of other people my age and younger who are much much worse, but you just don't expect anything like this to happen to you. 

So what really is pancreatitis? Well, I guess it is caused by a blockage of the duct from your gallbladder to your pancreas, in my case anyway, a gallstone escaped from my gallbladder and inflamed my pancreas which caused 1/3 of it to die. This means I am going to have to be very VERY careful with alcohol in future, oh well! 

A normal person doesn't have gallstones, and the formation of them is either due to alcohol abuse (not in my case) or bad luck, and trust me at 17 this is bad luck, apparently 1in4 people have gallstones aged 70, or it is more likely to happen when you are middle-aged, but not this early on in your life.

The gallbladder is there to produce a type of bile that breaks down fatty acids and contracts to produce this bile, so when there are gallstones in there, it hurts to contract, and as one of these stones escaped, it caused pancreatitis. Basically, that's it in a nutshell. So for my operation, I am going to have to have my gallbladder removed, which you can live without as my liver will produce this 'bile'. So lots and lots of fun for me! 

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