About Me

I'm Kate, The Basic Traveller. 

This is the blog that I created back in June 2012 when I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis (with a big P). It was suggested to me that I may want to remember my time in the hospital, and at the time I completely disagreed. but I did it anyway. Now I am really glad I did as the creation of this blog has led to bigger and better things while giving me the chance to look back on one of the hardest times of my life. This blog has also been featured on the homepage of The Pancreatitis Network as well being featured in That's Life, October 2012 when a freelance journalist decided to write an article on me and my illness.

From then onwards I have tried to keep up my blogging through my gap year travels and onto university where I am now. This blog is full of my random thoughts but focuses on my top travel tips, places to go and experiences I have while being The Basic Traveller.

I used to live in Paris where I was studying for my Master's degree in International Relations and trying to perfect my French while figuring out what to do with my life while attempting to travel the world. My aim is to visit every country in the world, so that's an average of 4 a year... I'm currently at 48.

If you have any thoughts, advice or would like to know more about travelling please feel free to get in contact, I don't bite! 

Lots of Love Kate xxx

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