Sunday, 17 June 2012

Still in Hospital

I was in the hospital for another 5 days until on Friday 1st June, the doctors eventually told me that I would be allowed out for the Jubilee weekend. It was nice to be out as I managed to get used to home life once again. I took it slow, just managing to get out once or twice, down to the local shop, into town briefly as now there were no more needles or drips, just the daily Omeprazole pills which I am still on - and who knows how long for! 

On Tuesday we had a little party and it was nice to see lots of friends and families again, but again, was hugely overwhelming and exhausting, to say the least. 

Wednesday 6th June was back to the hospital for more blood tests, and a day's wait to find out that the infection had gone down and I was allowed home again, finally discharged. Back home I had to take my pills and take it easy really. 

I managed to survive the next week with very little interruption, I even went to Exeter University Open Day, although it tired me out hugely. 

It was on Thursday 14th June I went in for my pre-op assessment which was fine although I was very very nervous, and still needed another blood test. We came home, in my poor broken car :( and everything was ok until about 3.30pm when the pain started again, similar to before but not so bad. After about 5 minutes Mum drove me back to the hospital, and back into A&E where I was given morphine and once again, was completely out of it, just as I was being transferred back to the children's ward the pain returned so I was pumped with liquid paracetamol and fell asleep. 

The next morning we saw the doctors who just guessed it could have been another gallstone releasing or something, nothing major though. Great! And I was allowed straight back out again which takes us really back up to today. 

Tomorrow is operation day which is really really freaking me out. I don't want to have it done, although I know I have to. It really sucks but hey, that's that.

Oh, and here's my lovely bruised arm, and compared to a few weeks ago when I was entirely black and blue!

Have a great week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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