Saturday, 16 June 2012

Time to get burnt...

Why don't we leap into the fire now and go to the worst part and the beginning of the problem?

So, Saturday 18th May.

It all started around 3am on Saturday morning, again with another 'episode' lasting about 2 hours, and hey, I eventually threw up, again! Lots of fun! Although I did feel a little better, I went back to bed and managed to get a little sleep, Oh and did I mention this was the weekend right in the middle of my AS exams? probably not, therefore I was trying get spend loads of time revising, and this weekend I was relying on to revise for my AS Geology exam.

Anyway, back to the point, I woke up at maybe, 9am, feeling better but still very rough, and from what I can remember (as its all very blurry) I wanted to revise, but couldn't feel up to doing anything, just lounging around in my bed for most of the day. I managed to eat breakfast and a little lunch, but by about 3pm everything started going wrong, first of all, I started feeling sick, throwing up again, at this point, I phoned Mum to come home from my sister's school fete.

By this time the pain had become intolerable, nothing was making me feel better, the paracetamol just came straight back up, now I was even throwing up water, and then nothing, and I just couldn't stop. Taking a bath didn't work, neither did a hot water bottle, none of my usual tricks.

So Mum insisted I go to the local hospital, it is a minor hospital with only a real outpatients unit. Anyway, I was sitting on the floor in the empty waiting room, retching up nothing, no doctor came to see me, just what seemed to be a nurse who had a terrible judgement. She told me it was a bladder infection or something like that, gave me an anti-sickness injection, and told me to go home and just drink warm water for 24 hours and it would all be OK. Ha, yeah right.

We went home, just drank warm water, and that just came straight back up again, it was clear the injection hadn't worked. By this time the pain was so intense I was starting to get delirious, and this is the point where my parents have had to fill in the blanks, so Mum called an ambulance, which came within about 10 minutes. The paramedics were lovely and helped right away, I was strapped to a bed in the ambulance and they gave me gas for the pain. It is here where I really started to blank out. All I really remember of this night from now is that we arrived at the Royal County Hospital in Winchester where I was transferred to A & E. I remember being lifted out the ambulance, but I was totally out of it.

I kind of woke up in a daze, seeing blue curtain surrounding me and mum sitting next to me as some male nurses were trying to get blood tests from me and cannulas into my arms, hands and feet. This was the point at which another minor problem would occur, apparently I have small veins, which I would later find out is not the best thing when every day you need a blood test and many many cannulas changed.

Back to the point, the doctors quickly diagnosed it as 'Pancreatitis' potentially caused by gallstones. I know at some point I was given morphine along with other cocktails of drugs, I was really out of it and maybe hours later I woke up in the children's ward hooked up to a multitude of drips and machines...

Now time to take a break, I'll fill in the rest later 

Have a great week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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