Saturday, 16 June 2012

Before the Fire

So, the beginning, well where do I start?

Flashback to 18th May 2012, lying on my bedroom floor in pure agony, Imagine the worst pain you can imagine, then triple it. It has been said that Pancreatitis is the third worst pain possible, and hell they got that right.

To get the full picture, I guess I better start back in October 2011 when I first started getting the pains or 'episodes,' they may come once or twice a week, or sometimes I wouldn't get them for maybe 4 weeks, each time I was in horrific pain, maybe for 10 minutes, maybe for up to 2 days, usually ending in me throwing up to relieve the pain. It got so bad at points I would have to force myself to throw up just to get a moment without pain. I would have no idea when or where these episodes could happen or how bad they would be, painkillers didn't work, and it could put me out of action for ages.

One specific memory jumps out at me, in February this year I was planning to go on a school trip to Germany-Poland as part of the history trip, I was very excited about it, even though we had to be at school for 1.30am, meaning to leave my house about 12.30am, therefore I went to bed early in order to get some sleep before the long day ahead of us. I got perhaps an hours sleep before the pain came back, I was up for hours, and eventually had to leave, still in pain, and in the car on the 40-minute journey to school, threw up on the side of the road. Gross, I know. Anyway, I was still in pain on the flight over there, and for most of the rest of the day, and no idea what to do. Thankfully by the next morning, the pain had stopped.

Further on in the week of this trip, it was my birthday, we were halfway through the week without any more episodes, and of which I was hoping there not to be any, but of course, no such luck. We were about 6 hours into our 10-hour coach journey to Poland and were stopping at a McDonald's service station for dinner. Now, this is when it hit me, and you know you've hit rock bottom when you are curled up on the floor of a Polish McDonalds, writhing around in pain with no hope of what to do.So I guess you get the picture, sometimes this happened at school, work, but usually was in the middle of the night or late evening with the worst episodes always happening at the weekend. 

Well by now you would have expected any normal person to go to the doctor right? Well, that's exactly what I did, I went to the GP not once, not twice, but 4 times over, with 3 different sets of pills given to me each time, none of them worked and the blood tests came back with nothing showing. They just put it down to some sort of 'intolerance' that would just 'sort itself out', oh hell no it didn't. 

Anyway, that's all for tonight, wait with baited breath for the next instalment! ;)

Have a great week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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