Wednesday, 8 August 2018

My Travel Bible: The Lonely Planet Obsession

Hello lovely people – time for your weekly travel ramblings from me!

This week I thought I might write about my travel bibles aka the huge collection of Lonely Planet guides that litter my book shelves and are only slightly getting out of control.

While it is not the most original travel item as usually everyone has them and you can’t wander round a city or trek Matchu Pitchu without seeing Lonely Planet guides stuck out the top of backpacks or being desperately clutched when lost, I still love to get one.

The most I usually use my guide is actually in the planning stages of my holiday. It is great to orientate yourself in an area, maybe see where you might want to stay, even take some of the suggestions as to accommodation from the book. I like to see what the guide suggests to do, and then compare it to online suggestions, followed by then ignoring these ideas completely and usually wandering around until I get lost.

For me, these travel guides are also a kind of souvenir in a way, they are often aspirational as I have loads from places I haven’t been yet, but they are also a reminder of where I have been. I know I sound very airy fairy, but it’s true.

I also find they are a great conversation starter both at home on my book shelf, and when you are out travelling, people are drawn to them and it is a great way to get talking to fellow travellers, even when you are on your own!

What is your favourite guide? Do you have any you would recommend?

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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