Tuesday, 7 August 2018

72 hours in Stockholm

You might be pretty sick of me constantly writing about my holidays, but then again, this is a travel blog for the most part, so what do you expect really?!

Although this is the last overseas holiday post for a while because it was the last holiday I had booked! It feels weird not having something happening – although this is solely down to my supposed job hunt – damn money that I need to live.

Anyway, my FINAL trip of the year so far was to the sunny climbs of Stockholm, Sweden, just for a two-night city break.

While the weather in the UK has calmed down at the end of July, I promptly flew to Stockholm where it was over 30 degrees with 94% humidity. Great.

As Stockholm is in Scandinavia, it is super super expensive, especially at the moment (thanks Brexit), so if you really want to enjoy yourself, don’t try to do it on a budget – although I did and it wasn’t half bad.

Stay in an Airbnb, a classic, and most likely the cheapest option in Stockholm – I’d also advise picking one that is right in the centre of the city if possible so you don’t have to pay the mind-numbing price of £4 per one way journey for the Swedish public transport. Find the Airbnb I stayed here.

There are many airlines to choose from when flying to Sweden (or get the train from Copenhagen or Oslo) but make sure you fly to Stockholm Arlanda airport – the flights to here may be slightly more expensive but if you pick the Ryanair flights from Stanstead, although they cost nothing, they will fly you to an airport that is actually 4 hours outside Stockholm – not great for a city break! I flew with Norwegian which ticks all the boxes for a short haul 2h35m flight – slightly uncomfortable seats, but not too bad all in all.

What to do in Stockholm: Well there are many options, although all costing rather a lot, so choose your poison in advance. There are literally hundreds of museum littering the island archipelago that makes up the city, so take a wander round the postage museum, the ABBA museum (legendary) or the Nobel Prize Museum.

Sweden is known for being a wonderfully liberal country, with a brilliant concept that has recently taken the world by storm. With no English translation, fika, literally means to take a break and have a coffee and a chat with your friends, so feel free to do this in any number of beautiful parks or coffee shops in Stockholm.

For younger visitors, or just for big kids, on the island of Skansen there is a Tivoli theme park with an open air museum that has been reconstructed to show Stockholm through the ages with a large zoo too!

And classically, in true basic traveller style, two free options from insider tips is to visit the Medieval museum (although note it is closed on Monday) and take a free walking tour around the city. This lasts just over an hour as Stockholm really isn’t very big, but is great for orientating yourself and learning about Swedish history...and don't forget to try some Swedish meatballs! 

Where are you off on holiday to next?

Have a great week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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