Monday, 13 August 2018

My 5 Top Travel Apps

So we all now live in a scarily connected age of technology and the way we travel has certainly changed over the years, and therefore I thought I might share with all you lovely people my favourite and most used travel apps. (And before you ask, no, this post is not sponsored, just my honest thoughts and feelings). While there are definitely more (SkyScanner, HostelWorld, Uber etc. these are my favourites)

1.       Airbnb

Now as you are all very aware I am a massive fan of Airbnb as I probably don’t stop talking about it and recommending it enough in all of my travel posts (more on this to follow). However, the Airbnb app has been a lifesaver for me as it has helped me get out of many a sticky situation with no accommodation. The interface is really easy to use, the messaging system is great, the only downside I have found is that obviously you need WiFi or a data connection to be able to use it which is fine when you are at home or in the city, not so great when you are stuck in a field in Calais in the middle of January with nowhere to sleep for the night… (See my Calais post for reference).  Also, if you use my link on the Links and Discounts page here you’ll get money off your first stay!

2.       Touch Note

This app is definitely less commonly heard of, I have had it on my phone for a couple of years now after I saw it recommended on Channel 4’s Travel Man, although the other week I did see it advertised on TV, so hopefully it is going to pick up soon.
The basic premise of this app is that it turns your holiday photos into a postcard, allows you to write a message and will send it to your recipient all from the app. While the app itself is free, you do have to buy credits to be able to send each card. However, I think it is great, especially in world where we are always on our phones and are often in places where it is hard to find a stamp, this app solves the problem. Also, the cards are really professional and make great holiday souvenirs. I always send them to my grandma and friend Sophie who love getting postcards!

3.       Gratitude Tipping

This app is relatively new to me as I was contacted on Twitter about this, but after playing around with it I would definitely rate it. Gratitude Tipping works both online and offline (bonus when you are in those hard-to-reach-WiFi places) and will tell you from your location, bill amount, service and people shared, how much the average tip should be for your bill. It has a wide range of countries and is essential for a Brit like me who almost never tips in the UK (we just don’t really do it here). Saves the embarrassment of under-tipping someone and saves you money from over-tipping too!

4.       TripSoSo

While TripSoSo may not be the most streamlined or stylish app, it is quite good in providing you a jumping off point for finding things to do in your travel destination. Allowing you to use it online and download location guides for offline use, this app also has in-app purchases allowing you to book tours and excursions through them. While it certainly doesn’t have everything you can do, it is a good place to start and often has some less-thought of ideas that aren’t always in the Lonely Planets (A post on this will also follow soon!).

5.       CityMapper

My final top-rated app is CityMapper. If you haven’t heard of CityMapper, what rock have you been hiding under the last few years? CityMapper is fairly self explanatory, only working in major cities (although they are always adding more locations), it provides you a map of the city and shows the quickest ways of getting from A to B. It also provides price, how many calories you will burn, and live updates on public transport arrivals. In some locations is has also launched its own bus service. If you haven’t got it already, download it now!

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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