Friday, 6 April 2018

MIA in Mallorca

After having some very Paris-heavy posts, this week I bring you lovely people the lowdown on the beautiful Spanish island of Mallorca/Majorca. This wonderful week away was all down to the wonderful Clark/Whelan family to whom I owe a massive thank you for taking me away on their family holiday as an added bonus!

Port d'Alcudia

As I was blissfully unaware when we arrived, Mallorca is the home to classic party town Magaluf, although as this was a family holiday it wasn't quite the intended destination for us. Instead, we headed to the north of the island to Plaja del Muro and the Alcudia region and stayed in a wonderfully tucked away villa a stone's throw away from the beach and an ice-cold pool (it was Easter).

Mallorca entirely exceeded my expectations, although there were the obviously touristy parts catered for the typical Brit-abroad (we all know the stereotype, socks, sandals, white suncreamed noses and a bit too much sunburnt flesh on show), the little Spanish towns of Alcudia and Pollenca that we visited were both a pleasant surprise. The little back streets filled with cafes spilling out onto town squares with little boutique shops selling vivid colourful pottery makes you feel like you have stepped into a sleepy Spanish village. Yet there was also so much history, from the revamped bullring to the Roman ruins, crumbling castles and beautiful churches, Mallorca feels like and embodies the Mediterranean lifestyle.

Being only 2 hours flight from the UK, I imagine it is rammed with British holidaymakers in the summer, so April was definitely the right time to go. We had ranging weather up to 21 degrees and as my shiny red face now proves, certainly enough to get sunburnt!

In typical Spanish fashion, tapas and seafood were on the menu at every beautiful restaurant and the paella was, of course, a classic staple dish as we were right by the coast. The other classic Mallorcan dish which I am happy to report is as divine as it sounds is the Pan Amb Oli which is classic bruschetta style bread with garlic and olive oil and tomatoes spread on it followed by cheese and/or Serrano ham. Honestly, it is to die for! 10/10 recommendation right here.

Calvari Steps, Pollenca

Eating out in Mallorca is neither cheap nor expensive, but as I have learnt, anything is cheaper than Paris, and drinking buckets of Sangria also helps!

All the Sangria!!

All in all, Mallorca has out-done itself in my book, and being such a short plane ride away, how can anyone not love it here?!

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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