Monday, 26 February 2018

Munching Around

While once again you find me hiding from the copious amounts of work that this MA requires it is lovely to have time to remind me that I am in Paris and need to get outside my bedroom (or Pret aka my study), away from my laptop and the mounting pressure of writing papers.

In that spirit, I feel like I have somehow eaten my way around Paris (there goes that diet!) and it has been epic.

The first stop on this week's food tour was Iovine's (75001).

All the Margarita!

Shine bright like a Kate

I had walked past Iovine's nearly every day as it is right round the corner from my apartment (on the way to Pret haha) and always wanted to try it. From the outside, it is kinda hard to tell what this place is all about but once inside it is clear that it is all about authentic pizza from the Italian/French menu to the beautiful smells oozing from the pizza oven. It might be a bold claim but it was definitely the best pizza I've had in Paris, and quite possibly the best pizza ever! Certainly up there in the top 3 for sure. Wine and pizza followed by surprise birthday cake with friends definitely one of the better Wednesday nights I've had in a while. 

Big Boy Pain du perdu et What the Fluff Pancakes

The next stop was a favourite that featured on the blog back in November, Big Love Caffe (75003) is in Le Marais.
I had been going on about this place a lot to Harley and Cesca so on Saturday morning we faced the bitter coldness for a brunch of epic proportions. While I think Harley still regrets not having the eggs and truffles (although it's given her an excuse to go back again) the piles of pancakes and the liquid chocolate chocolat chaud will have me returning again and again. While this place might be a bit touristy due to its low prices and cute af decor (and waiters!) it is so completely delicious and insta-worthy that it is worth it.

C'etait delicieux! 

The endpoint of the food tour this weekend was brunch with my wonderful flatmates to Jake's favourite place, Season, (75003). This place is such a find - a plate of salmon, eggs and avocado for €14! They have options for everyone and the beautifully presented plate is to die for. Make sure you get here early though, after about 10:30 there are queues out the door! I'm coming back here if not to try the green pancakes (as modelled by Juliette) or the Shashushka which Jake had, a hot pan full of rich tomatoes, onion and baked egg with a basket full of bread - it's making my mouth water just thinking about it!

If you have any brunch recommendations in Paris let me know! I've got Josie and Emma visiting this weekend so I'm excited to explore Paris some more!

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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