Friday, 19 January 2018

Living the Paris Life

Two weeks since I've officially been back in Paris and it seems like I never left, nothing has changed. It's mid Jan and I can't believe that I only have 9 weeks left of term until all of the taught section of my masters is done! 9 weeks is a decent amount of time but with all the things I'm planning on cramming into the next few months I know it's just gonna fly by and that's gonna be it! It's mad, it seems like coming here in September was only yesterday and now it'll be over soon *gulp*

So I've got plan #makethemostofParis which involves my infamous list of things to do in Paris, and in this vein, I took a spontaneous overdue moment to head up to Sacre Coeur on a cold but sunny Wednesday morning. It was beautiful and cliche but completely life-affirming and once again reminded me why I am in Paris. Amongst all the masters work and everyday life, it is moments like these that make it special.

I promise I'll eventually stop going on about Paris!
In other news, next weekend is Calais weekend, I don't know what to expect but I hope I get to learn something meaningful about life on the French border for those who have nothing and are simply victims of the birthright lottery. 

Also, the end of January means my flatmate Hannah is moving out and onto her next placement which is sad for us, but great for Hannah to go to a new part of France but it also means we will be getting a new housemate, which will be ... interesting to say the least.

I'm really excited as well because after to-ing and fro-ing Josie and I managed to co-ordinate our group road trip from Bosnia through Montenegro, Croatia and Albania for May half-term which is going to be so cool! It means I get to explore 4 new countries that I otherwise probably wouldn't have got to. There is another plan in the works to get to Marrakesh in July with the girls from school and rent ourselves a private villa. Finally, if there is any money at the end of this I might treat myself to a solo week trip to Japan - all these summer plans are so exciting but I need to budget some time to write my dissertation as well haha, not sure when that is going to happen! If anyone has any knowledge on open border policies let me know!
2018 is shaping up to be a great year for travelling!

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love,  Kate xxx

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