Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Today's show was about Canada and I have to say I think it may be one of my most favourite places in the world. Apart from having the most amazing Prime Minister ever in the form of Justin Trudeau who, especially after the week from hell the world has just had the courtesy of Mr Trump (thanks for that you big orange oaf), PM Trudeau has opened Canada up to those people who need a place of safety most. And what a place it is!
Canada has something for everyone and is literally one of the most amazing, friendliest and beautiful places I have ever been. I am so in love with Canada that after my Masters degree I plan to move there for a year with the BUNAC program that I will write a blog post about another time.

Anyway back to the point, Canada is so vast that there is no way you could ever visit everything in one trip, I've been 5 times and still not seen everything I want to.

Taste of my Passport

Easiest way to get there:

  • STA Blue Tickets: Flights with Air Canada, West Jet or British Airways to collect air miles. Depending on what time of year you go flights can vary anything from £300-£900 at peak times which are usually the school holidays.
    • Travel Hack - fly to the east coast and travel across the country as it will be cheaper.  
  • Great deals can be found at

Where to go?
  • East Coast:
    • Quebec: a French-speaking area, old world like that of an old French town with cobbled streets built on a hill and home of the Canadian classic, poutine. Poutine is chips (or fries), gravy and cheese curd, it is so common you can buy it in Maccers! It might sound horrible but it tastes amazing.
    • Montreal: built in two sections, above ground and an underground city to deal with the cold weather, home to one of the oldest roller coasters in the world, full of casinos and home to the St Lawrence River and its grade 4 rapids (considering Niagra Falls are a grade 6) which I would highly recommend going on a rib ride through. 
    • Toronto: the largest city on the east coast, English-speaking and full of things to do and see. Home to the Toronto Blue Jays ice hockey team and the Hockey Hall of Fame. Day trips to Niagra falls can be done from Toronto, as well as visits to 1000 islands on the border of USA and Canada. While you are there check out the CN tower to get a full view of Toronto and rest your feet up in the Steam Whistle Brewery opposite to try out a true Canadian classic beer. 

  • West Coast:
    • Vancouver: English-speaking, home to many museums, art galleries and culture hotspots, while from Vancouver you can take day trips whale-watching and trips to Vancouver Island. 
    • Whistler: two hours north of Vancouver and my favourite place in the world, home to, in my opinion, THE ULTIMATE SKI RESORT IN THE WORLD, oh yeah and they hosted 2010 Winter Olympics. It is a pretty cool place in the winter for skiing but doubles as a bike/walking resort in the summer. 

Whistler, British Colombia

For both the East and West coasts, doing it on a budget, Canada has a chain of hostels called Hi Toronto, Hi Vancouver, Hi Montreal etc. which have rooms for about £26 per night. Otherwise, I'd recommend Airbnb as things can be pricey in Canada.

If you need any help planning your trip, give me a shout here, I'd love to help get you started!

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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