Sunday, 17 May 2015

These are a few of my favourite things...

Now a little while ago I wrote a post about me and I included a few things that I enjoy but being inspired by The Sound of Music, apparently my favourite film as a child, I wanted to share a few of my favourite things that always cause me to smile, I'm sure there is more but here is a short selection.

  • Being a sappy child: anything that anyone does that shows they've made an effort to think about me makes me so happy. My flatmates made me a beautiful book for my birthday about all the times we've had here so far, it was so perfect.
  • Singing: any kind of sing-song, whether in tune or not is brilliant. Songs, to me, are a sign of pure happiness, and that you are comfortable enough to sing in front of me means we must be really great friends. 
  • Laughing: and I don't just mean a little chuckle or giggle (although that is good too) I love the pure uncensored spontaneous laugh that just echoes around the room with joy and happiness. The stranger, high pitched, squeaky, mad sounds you make the better.
  • Hand-written notes: Again this is the personal touch, the effort that someone has gone to write to me means so much.
  • The freedom of travelling: Going somewhere new and exciting has to be one of the best parts of life, having the opportunity to just get on a plane and be somewhere completely different and it still being the same day it totally amazing.
  • Flowers: Everyone knows girls love flowers, but I really really love flowers, the beauty of something so temporary is really fascinating, plus I like the pretty colours ;)
  • Friends: the TV show and my actual friends, there aren't enough words to describe how I feel about both.
  • Sarcasm: one of the lowest forms of wit apparently, but I think it is one of the cleverest forms of humour, if you can take the sarcasm and give it out we will get along well.
  • Tea: I can't remember what my record it but I think it is close to 10 in a day, I think I may be addicted to tea but there's nothing better than a good cuppa at the end, middle or beginning of the day.
  • Driving: I've mentioned this one before but I gotta say it again because I love driving, a nice day, some great tunes and an open road, sounds cliched but so much fun.
  • Clumsy People: I love clumsy people because then I know I am not alone in the world, constantly injuring myself is an art I seem to have perfected. Clumsy people are generally brilliant to laugh with as they have had to learn to laugh at themselves too much to disguise that falling over did actually hurt more than you are letting on. 
  • Surprises: So I had a surprise birthday party for my 18th and I am such a control freak that it scared me, but since then I have learnt to love them. And for me, I really love planning surprises for other people.
Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Katee xxx

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