Tuesday, 25 September 2018

The Beginning of: The London Series

After last year when 'The Paris Series' began, I thought that it was time to begin 'The London Series' in which part of my weekly posting schedule will contain various tales of my life in London... when I've done something interesting or worth writing about that is.

I moved to London just over a month ago now (!) where has that time gone, and I've now been in my job at The British Red Cross for nearly two months of my four-month contract!! And without giving too much away (and being a dick bragging about my new house)... my new house is amazing!!!

And after the hassle that it took us to find a place, it better be! When people said finding a place to rent in London would be hard, I didn’t quite believe them – after all, it’s only renting a house – but man was I wrong. 15 viewings later, 3 unsuccessful offers, 1 returned holding deposit and many many frustrated emails, we finally managed to get a house that had space, a garden, and it’s completely beautiful as an added bonus. After a few hiccups and one failed move in date, it is so great to finally be in a real adult house that is clearly cared for, unlike the many student places I’ve been in.

It also means I get to go out and explore North London every weekend and find new and exciting places for you lovely people, reporting back right here on the blog. As you may have noticed if you are a regular reader (and if you are new, welcome, and why haven’t you been here sooner?!) I am trying to have more of a regular posting schedule. While I’m sure you have heard me bang on about how I hate writing for the sake of writing etc. but nonetheless I have recently had an outpouring of various travel-y ideas, and so as not to overwhelm you all, at the beginning of each week – usually a Monday evening – a new post will be published on my site. I have a large backlog of drafts saved and a couple of trips in the pipeline so hopefully, this will be enough to keep you all reading and enjoying my content, and like I said, many London posts too!

This weekend I went to FriendsFest in Kennington Park, basically a day out with all things Friends, and made a trip to the British Museum for the latest Ian Hislop exhibition which I could not recommend enough. I’m thinking, like Paris, I should maybe make a London list, what do you think? I am going to be here for the next two years at least so if you’ve got any suggestions of cool and underrated things to do in London, let me know!

I’m also trying to put together an itinerary for when Harley and Morgan come for graduation at Christmas – a Paris reunion in London!

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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