Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Metro Madness

The Paris metro is well known for being totally insane. It's loud and industrial, smelly and it doesn't make sense at all. Back in October, you might remember that I had my phone stolen at Palais Royal metro station.

However, it has come to grow on me slowly, and now, less than two weeks until I leave, it is one strange part of Paris that I'm gonna miss. 


From the inconveniently laid out stations (here's looking at you Chatalet) and the stops every 5 seconds, in a weird way, I have grown to learn that each individual line has its own personality and purpose in Paris. 

So here is my Ode to the Metro:

Line 1 - Yellow - an old faithful friend, reliable and responsible, the group mother
Line 2 - Blue - the forgotten saviour of the North, knows that winter is always coming
Line 3 - Kharki - inconvenient and not going anywhere you want it to, that friend who always gets lost
Line 4 - Dark Purple - knows where it's going before you do, stops for no one, takes no prisoners 
Line 5 - Orange - hangs out by the canal and has a love for 'art', speaks 'latin' 
Line 6 - Mint Green - head in the clouds, looks pretty but nothing there
Line 7 - Pink - needs a shower and stops. every. five. seconds, always turns up late to the party
Line 8 - Light Purple - been up since 2am and won't stop telling you about that one time in Peru...
Line 9 - Lime Green - does yoga overlooking the Eiffel Tower and can't stop telling everyone about it 
Line 10 - Burnt Yellow - a bit slow on the uptake, likes to blend in, gets there in the end
Line 11 - Brown - down to earth, getting from a to b, no questions asked, a bit rough around the edges
Line 12 - Dark Green - quiet and unassuming but comes out of its shell when drunk, knows how to get to Sacre Coeur 
Line 13 - Sky Blue - always rammed and too hot, can't quite make up its mind where it's going 
Line 14 - Bright Purple - definitely on something, so fucking fast, shiny and new, can't stop talking about how blue the sky is

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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