Friday, 28 April 2017


Welcome to #traveltuesday once again here on Insanity 103.2FM and today we are going to Ljubljana, one of the most under-rated cities in Europe in my opinion. Slovenia is one of the most amazing countries in Europe as it is relatively undiscovered in travelling terms - it is not on the typical travel route (although it usually features as a stop for most interrailing students) and it is definitely on the rise as a popular place to go. This is most likely because of its beautiful city, welcoming people and very affordable prices. The fact that Slovenia is also only a 2hr plane journey away makes it pretty popular too. Sandwiched between Vienna, Italy, Slovakia and Hungary, Slovenia is pretty much in the centre of Europe, and it is the centre of my top ten European travel destinations.

Easiest way to get there:

  • By Train: interrailing or by train from wherever you are coming from on your journey
  • By Bus: from Croatia or Vienna etc. buses to Ljubljana are as cheap as €22 
  • By Plane: from London Gatwick or Stanstead EasyJet flies once a day direct to Ljubljana for as little as £60 return - the Hungarian airline Wizz also flies there too for similar prices

Riverside Ljubljana

Where to stay:
  • Ljubljana - is so small there is not much to choose from: I stayed in a great Airbnb above a bar called Liquid for £52 per night for the entire apartment and it is a really cheap option because it can take up to 5 people and includes a free breakfast while being right in the centre of the city so you literally walk outside the front of the bar and be next to the Dragon bridge
  • Hotel Mrak: £69 per night, and right in the centre of the city
  • Hostel Tivoli: £13 per night, includes a basic breakfast, 10-minute walk to congress square and right next to the bus station 
Lake Bled

What to do:

  • Visit Lake Bled: bus ticket from Ljubljana bus station for €12 for 1h30m bus journey to one of the most beautiful lakes and scenes - take a walk around the lake and enjoy the gorgeous sunshine
  • Take the funicular up to Ljubljana castle and wander around the restored castle and prison - tickets are €7 for students - get a spectacular view of the city 
  • Take a free walking tour of Ljubljana leaving from outside the Pink Church in the old town at 11 am every day - worth it to spend a couple of hours wandering around the city - although as it is so small there is not much walking involved. The best part is you get all the history of the city but don't forget the guides rely on tips so leave them a couple of euros 
  • Sit by the river and enjoy a cocktail at many of the riverside bars
  • Wander around the open and covered markets to pick up some memorable souvenirs and food

Pink Church
Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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