Thursday, 4 June 2015

End of First Year

I know this post it a little late as exams finished two weeks ago but I thought its better late than never.

So exams have finished, the partying has begun along with the endless Netflix marathons and days that seem to drag on with deciding what to do. The luxury of doing nothing wears off pretty quickly, but I'm not going to complain anything beats revision.

Reflecting on the end of first year is strangely overwhelming, I can't believe how fast this year has gone. It seems only yesterday that I was getting on a plane to go travelling for my gap year. It's crazy that this time last year the people that I now count as my extended family and best friends I didn't even know to exist. First year was brilliant, and although second year is going to get harder, I am already looking forward to it knowing I am going to spend it with some of the most amazing people at such a great place.

On Tuesday I had afternoon tea and cake with these lovely people at a fancy hotel in Windsor overlooking the castle. It was beautiful but hilarious as we all came underdressed and of course, clumsy me managed to spill tea all down myself - I don't expect to be allowed back anytime soon! We followed this with some shopping and a well-needed cheeky Nandos - we couldn't walk past it and not go in.

 Although this party was last term, the picture says it all, the flat parties have been awesome and hopefully, we can top it all tomorrow night!

Note to self: Never leave the lads unattended with my phone in Nandos - Mad Max: Fury Road was a pretty good film though I have to say, not something I would normally see but on the boy's recommendation I would give it a solid 8/10.

One of the many number of midnight trips to M&S and Budgens led to the discovery of the Shaq drinks - hoping for some magical powers from drinking them, Sina and Matt were optimistic, but really they just tasted like water and cream soda.

We were all about that colouring lifestyle for a while, so much enjoyment was achieved from a colouring book, and it made a good revision distraction too.

...And there was lots of yummy food...

...And very drunk selfies...

...Hungover dates to London to feed our sushi obsession...

...And people just being general creepers...

...Terrifying faces were pulled...

...who knew so much happiness could be gained from a giant box in the kitchen...

...And my car found a twin.

This place has been so much more than just university, it has become a home, making it all the more painful to leave and say goodbye to everyone for four months. 

Have a good week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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