Wednesday, 11 July 2012

3 weeks on...

So I haven't really had a chance to write recently but so much has happened. Last time I wrote was a few days after the operation, well the operation was on Monday, I left on Tuesday evening with a stack of pills, 4 massive bandages, and a feeling like I had just been hit by a bus!

Well on Wednesday I went into school in the afternoon to do a Latin GCSE exam- I doubt my doctor would be too pleased with that!

Slowly, slowly my walking was getting less painful and hunched over, and by Friday I took off all my bandages, putting on new ones I had some lovely scars and a HOLE IN MY SIDE from the drain - it was gross!

Less and less I have been taking painkillers and have been feeling better and better. I mean the scars are still quite red painful but are ok. I had a blood test 2 weeks ago but I don't know how the results are yet and I have a hospital appointment next week too.

I have been slowly been going back to school too, again probably against doctors wishes but hey! :) yesterday was quite challenging as I went on a geology field trip which involved nearly walking a mile of the beach - well I say beach, I mean climbing over rocks, which did make me feel a little funny, and VERY VERY tired out. But it was fun, and quite frankly I am so bored of missing out on things because of being ill. So I'm gonna forget about it! Maybe not the best idea, but I'm not going to let this 'illness' stop me doing things I want to do!

I'll check back in after the hospital appointment next week 

Have a great week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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