Saturday, 16 June 2012

Hazy Days

Let's continue,

Oh yes, waking up on the children's ward, still in pain, I was given more painkillers, and again, blacked out and woke up in a private room on the children's ward with another hundred drips coming in and out of me. To cope with the pain the doctors gave me a morphine drip clicker thingy in which I could give myself morphine every 5 minutes or so in order to dull the stabbing pain in my stomach, although on the slightly funny side, about 30 seconds after I had a 'shot' I automatically fell asleep! :)

So I know at the most I had a morphine drip, saline drip and catheter (urgh) in as I was totally immobile, I could barely get out of bed for the first few days. Between, I guess, Sunday 19th and Wednesday 22nd May I have a very fuzzy memory as I was on so many drugs I didn't know which way was up!  Apparently, I was kinda yellow, like a Simpson, a bit jaundice-y, and at a point, they wanted to move me to intensive care and put a central line in my neck, but even in my doped up state I blankly refused!

On Wednesday I think I had gotten past the real worst of it as I was moved back onto the central children's ward, with no drips in me! Yay - fewer wires! Although I was still in occasional bouts of pain from pancreatitis, I was suffering from great back pain as I could not lay on my side or front in bed. One of my biggest problems now was BOREDOM, I had watched a selection of DVDs, read books, done most things I could think of, I ended up taking two baths a day just for something to do.

Looking back on what I can remember, it was hugely serious and at one point I heard the doctors say 'potentially life-threatening,' and yet I wasn't at all scared. It may have been the morphine but somehow I knew I was going to get through this, and for a weird reason I was more concerned about missing my last 3 AS level exams rather than anything else, which is even strange to me!

From Thursday onwards I think I was on the mend, I started to be able to try and walk again, which was hard, granted, I had to use the wheelchair a lot, but I managed to go outside in that lovely sunny weather and slowly slowly I started to be able to walk further and further, more and more unaided. 

Another problem that I forgot to mention (sorry about the whining!) Because I was only on water, on food, and liquids, I bloated up to 11kg of water, making me feel much more sluggish, but thankfully, two weeks later it all flushed out.

In the first week at the hospital, I had an x-ray, an ultrasound and a CT scan (i think!) all to check and confirm that I had gallstones in my pancreas and would need to have an operation to remove my gallbladder, eventually when pancreatitis had calmed down.

Over the next two weeks, I was in a similar routine of waking up, breakfast, seeing the doctors, taking pills, having a bath, going for a walk, having lunch, having a nap, maybe watching a DVD or seeing a visitor then dinner, and seeing my parents. Sometime in there were blood tests and injections and even more pills.

It was Sunday 27th when I was 'allowed' out of hospital for a few hours between antibiotics, (as it turned out 1/3 of my pancreas has died - so very little alcohol for me then!) my trip home was good, but very tiring, although when asking my doctor the next day apparently I wasn't allowed to go home! Oops - nobody told him I'd already gone!

More Tomorrow

Have a great week my loves!

Lots of Love, Kate xxx

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